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Islam's Political Culture : Religion and Politics in Predivided Pakistan
by Nasim A. Jawed
Acquisition of Technological Capability in Small Firms in Developing Countries
by Henny Romijn, Henny Romjin
Afghanistan Pakistan Rv Pocket Map
Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley Civilization
by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer
After the Tests: U.S. Policy Toward India and Pakistan
by Richard N. Hass, Morton H. Halperin, Richard N. Haass, Co-Chairs
Ahmadiya Community in Pakistan (Discrimination, Travail, and Alienation)
by Surendra Nath Kaushik
A Complete history of Karachi form pre-historic days to 14 August 1947. Name of this research Book "Karachi Tarikh ke Aainay Main"(Urdu) byMuhammad Usman Damohi
Arts and Crafts of the Swat Valley : Living Traditions in the Hindukush
by Johannes Kalter
Attar of Roses and Other Stories of Pakistan
by Tahira Naqvi, Tahira Naqui
Ayub Khan : Pakistan's First Military Ruler
by Altaf Gauhar
The Ayub Khan Era; Politics in Pakistan, 1958-1969.
by Lawrence, Ziring
Behind the Veil : Ceremonies, Customs and Colour
by Shaista Suhrawardy Ikramullah, Shsiata Suhrawardy Ikramullah
The Betrayal of East Pakistan
by Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi
Black Candle : Poems About Women from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Baluchistan (Pakistan : Its Society, Resources, and Development)
by Akhtar Husain Siddiqi
Bangladesh, India and Pakistan : International Relations and Regional Tensions in South Asia (International Political Economy Series)
by Kathryn Jacques
Basic Needs, Woman, and Development : A Survey of Squatters in Lahore, Pakistan
by Nasra M. Shah
Benazir - A Profile
by M.G. Chitkara (Editor)
Benazir Bhutto : From Prison to Prime Minister
by Libby Hughes
Betrayal of East Pakistan
by J. F. Jacob
Betrayals of Another Kind : Islam, Democracy, and the Army in Pakistan
by Faiz Ali Chishti
The Birds of Pakistan : Passeriformes : Pittas to Buntings
by T.J. Roberts
The Birds of Pakistan : Regional Studies and Non-Passeriformes
by T.J. Roberts
Culture Shock!: Pakistan
by Karin, Ihsan, Zafar Mittmann, Zafar Ihsan (Contributor), Kevin Mittman, Zatar Ihsan (Editor)
Cultural Atlas of India : India, Pakistan, Nepal, Butan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka (Atlas Of...)
by Gordon Johnson
The Consequences of Nuclear Proliferation : Lessons from South Asia (Bcsia Studies in International Security)
by Devin T. Hagerty
The Cold War on the Periphery : The United States, India, and Pakistan
by Robert J. McMahon
Country Review, Pakistan 1998/1999
by Robert C. Kelly (Editor), Debra Ewing (Editor), Stanton Doyle (Editor), Denise Youngblood (Editor)
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of India : Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives
by Francis Robinson (Editor)
Cassell's and Publishers Association Directory of Publishing in Great Britain, the Commonwealth, Ireland, South Africa and Pakistan
Civil-Military Relations in South Asia : Pakistan, Bangladesh and India
by Veena Kukreja
Climbing the Development Ladder with NGO Support Experiences of Rural People in Pakistan
by Mahmood Hasan Khan
Colonial Political Economy Recruitment and Underdevelopment in the Punjab
by Mustapha Kamal Pasha
Colonialization of Islam : Dissolution of Traditional Institutions in Pakistan
by Jamal Malik
Colours of the Indus; Costumes and Textiles of Pakistan
by Nasreen Askari, Rosemary Crill (Contributor)
Computers and Peripherals in Pakistan: A Strategic Entry Report, 1998
by The Computers Research Group
A Concise History of Indo-Pakistan
by S.F. Mahmud
Conquering Kashmir : A Pakistani Obsession
by K.K. Nanda
Conscience and Coercion : Ahmadi Muslims and Orthodoxy in Pakistan (Essay Series 9)
by Antonio R. Gualtieri
Cool, Sweet Water : Selected Stories (Pakistan Writers Series)
by Khadija Mastur, Tahira Naqvi (Translator), Muhammad Umar Memon (Editor)
Counter Terrorism : The Pakistan Factor (Lancer Paper, No 2)
by Afsir Karim
The Crow Eaters : A Novel (Alive Again Series)
by Bapsi Sidhwa
Cultures of the World Set 7 : Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam
Deciphering the Indus Script
by Asko Parpola
Dialogue of the Deaf : The India-Pakistan Divide
by D.D. Khanna, Kishore Kumar
The Discourse and Politics of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
by Anwar Hussain Syed
Divided Kashmir : Old Problems, New Opportunities for India, Pakistan, and the Kashmiri People
by Mushtaqur Rahman
Domestic Resource Mobilization in Pakistan : Selected Issues
by Nizar Jetha, Shamshad Akhtar, M. Govinda Rao, World Bank
The Dual City : Karachi During the Raj
by Yasmeen Lari, Mihail S. Lari
Economic History of Pakistan
by A. I. Qureshi
Education and the State Fifty Years of Pakistan
by Pervez Hoodbhoy (Editor)
Educational Planning in a Frontier Zone : Dependence, Domination and Legitimacy
by Adele M. E. Jones
Electoral Politics in Pakistan : National Assembly Elections 1993 : Report of Saarc-Ngo Observers
Emeralds of Pakistan : Geology, Gemology and Genesis
by Ali H. Kazmi, Lawrence W. Snee
The Enduring Entente : Sino-Pakistani Relations, 1960-1980
by Yaacov Vertzberger
The English Language in Pakistan
by Robert J. Baumgardner
Equal Before Allah, Unequal Before Man : Negotiating Gender Hierarchies in Islam and International Law
by Shaheen Sardar Ali
Excavations at Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan : The Pottery (University Museum Monograph, No 53)
by George F. Dales, Jonathan Mark Kenoyer
Executive Report on Strategies in Pakistan,1999 edition (Strategic Planning Series)
by The Pakistan Research Group
Explorations on the Makran Coast, Pakistan : A Search for Paradise(Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility, N)
by George F. Dales, Carl P. Lipo
Expansion of Employment and Income Through Local Resource Mobilization : A Study of Three Villages in Pakistan
by Muhammed Arif, Bashir Ahmed, Muhammad Jannisar
Empire and Islam; Punjab and the Making of Pakistan
by David Gilmartin
Falconry in the Valley of the Indus (Oxford in Asia Historical Reprints)
by Richard Francis Burton
Folk Tales of Pakistan
by Laxman Komal
Foundations of Pakistan's Political Economy : Towards an Agenda for the 1990's
by William E. James (Editor), Subroto Roy (Editor)
The Founding of Pakistan : An Annotated Bibliography (Magill Bibliographies)
by Roger D. Long
Franchising in Pakistan: A Strategic Entry Report, 1999 (Strategic Planning Series)
by The Retailing Research Group
Freedom's Cry : The Popular Dimension in the Pakistan Movement and Partition Experience in North-West India
by Ian Talbot
From Mutiny to Mountbatten : A Biographical Sketch of and Writings by Altaf Husain, Former Editor of Dawn
by Altaf Husain, Zeba Zubair
The Future of Pakistan
by D.H. Burani
Field Guide to the Mammals of the Indian Subcontinent : Where to Watch Mammals in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan
by K. K. Gurung, Raj Singh
Fires in an Autumn Garden : Short Stories from Urdu and the Regional Lanuages of Pakistan (The Jubilee Series)
by Asif Aslam Farrukhi (Editor)
Foreign Trade and Economic Controls in Development : The Case of United Pakistan
by Nurul. Islam
The Gifts of Wali Dad : A Tale of India and Pakistan
by Aaron Shepard, Daniel San Souci (Illustrator)
Genocide in East Pakistan/Bangladesh : A Horror Story.
by S. K. Bhattacharyya
God's Own Land : A Novel of Pakistan (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works)
by Shaukat Siddiqi, David J. Matthews (Translator)
God's Own Land, "Khuda Ki Basti", A Novel of Pakistan
by Shaukat Siddiqi
Going for Gold : Pakistan at Hockey (Jubilee Series)
by Sydney Friskin
Golden Peak: Travels in Northern Pakistan
by Kathleen Jamie
Governance and the Electoral Process in Pakistan: National Assembly Elections 1997. Report of SAARC - NGO Observers
by Jeevan Thiagarajah (Editor)
Great Divide; Britain, India, Pakistan
by H. V. Hodson
Growth and Inequality in Pakistan
by Keith Griffin, A Kahn
Harappa Excavations 1986-1990 : A Multidisciplinary Approach to Third Millenium Urbanism (Monographs in World Archaeology, No 3)
by Richard H. Meadow (Editor)
He Leadeth Me : Autobiography of a Missionary to Pakistan
by Lois, Corcoran
Himalaya to the Sea : Geology, Geomorphology and the Quaternary
by John F. Shroder (Editor)
Historiographical Study of Indo-Muslim Architecture : Medieval Architecture of India and Pakistan
by R. Nath
Historical Dictionary of Pakistan (Asian Historical Dictionaries, No 3)
by Shahdid Javed Burki
History of Muslim Civilization in India & Pakistan
by S.M. Ikram
A History of Sindh
by Suhail Zaheer Lari
A History of the Pakistan Army : Wars and Insurrections
by Brian Cloughley
by Jane Hussain
Himalayan Passage : Seven Months in the High Country of Tibet, Nepal, China, India, & Pakistan
by Jeremy Schmidt, Patrick Morrow (Photographer)
Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan : Together With Those of Bangladesh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Sri Lanka : Laughing Thrushes to the mangro
by Salim Ali, S. Dillon Ripley (Contributor), T. J. Roberts, Ripley Ali
by Suzanne Fisher Staples
High : Stories of Survival from Everest and K2 (Extreme Adventure)
by Clint Willis (Introduction)
Historical Dictionary of Pakistan (Asian/Oceanian Historical Dictionaries, No 33)
by Shahid Javed Burki

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